Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions from our users.  

How do I reset my password?
If you normally sign in to Continu using your email and password, you can reset your password by locating the sign-in page of Continu and clicking the "reset password" link. Please ensure to use the same email address that you registered for Continu with. Once submitted, you'll be sent an email to reset your password. For more information, please consult our support guide. If you don't typically sign into Continu using your email and password, please consult your IT team to ensure you have correct permissions in your Identity Management platform.  
What are Continu's support response times?
When you open a support ticket, we do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible depending on the level of urgency of the request. To find a guide on our response times, you can read more on our support article - here.
How do I become a Content Creator or Admin?
In order to become a Collaborator, Creator, or Admin, you will need to contact your internal Continu Administrator or IT team. 
How do I enable integrations on Continu?
To enable integrations, you'll first need to be a Continu administrator. If you are already a Continu Admin navigate to Admin > Settings > Integrations and select the integration you wish to enable. Please note that you will need appropriate permission on the system you're integrating with and we recommend always consulting your IT team before enabling an integration.
How do I add more user seats?
You can purchase additional user seats at any time, for more assistance, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.
What versions of SCORM does Continu support?
Continu supports all versions of SCORM 1.2 and 2004. We recommend utilizing SCORM 2004 for the best results as this is the latest version of SCORM.
Why is my SCORM file not marking completion?
SCORM tracks completion differently based on the package type and version as well as the settings of your SCORM file. If you're purchasing SCORM content, we recommend consulting your content vendor to determine if completion has been enabled. If you believe completion has been correctly enabled, you might want to check the entry and exit points of your SCORM file to ensure that learners aren't exiting the content before it is correctly completed. A good way to do this is to add a quiz to the end of your SCORM package that is mandatory to complete.
What are the benefits of using Learning Tracks in place of SCORM?
If you don't have to use a SCORM package to create your content, then we highly recommend using a Continu Learning Track. There are many benefits of Learning Tracks vs SCORM including a richer user experience, deeper tracking, better automation, and more detailed reporting. If you need to use SCORM for compliance reasons, please ensure that you or your vendor correctly set completion settings on the package.
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