After a Learner completes a Video Coaching or File Upload Assessment, a Manager or Admin can manually grade the completed assessment with the following steps.

Grading via Assessments view

Grading via Manager view

Grading via Assessments view

1. Navigate to Create then Assessments from the left hand navigation


2. Search the title of the assessment that requires grading

3. Click on the Analytics icon (three bars) on the left of the assessment title

4. Navigate to Ungraded Responses

5. You should now see any completed assessment that requires review and grading. Click "Start" on the right of the assessment to begin.

6. From there, you can review the assessment on the left hand side of the page, and determine the grades on the right hand side. Click Submit

Grading via Manager view

1. Navigate to Manager from the left hand navigation, then Grading

2. Click Grading. Locate the Assessment that requires grading, and click Grade


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