Managers and supervisors with the Manager role within Continu will have access to the manager dashboard. This dashboard will provide information on a Manager's direct reports, their assignments, and a portal to easily find all outstanding assessments that require grading. 

manager dashboard.png

User's Tab

The users tab will show all of the manager's direct reports, and includes information on their assignment completion percentage, logins, and groups they are assigned to. 

Clicking on any user's name will open a page with more details on that user's assignments and content. 

manager user view.gif

Assignment Tab

The assignment tab will provide a list of all assignments for the manager's direct reports. This field can be searched by user, segmentation (department, location, etc) or content. 


The Grading tab will show all outstanding assessments by the manager's direct reports that require grading. Only ungraded assessments will appear on this screen. 

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