Setting Graders for an Assessment

Learn how to setup graders for each Assessment (Video & Text)

There are several options that you can enable to setup up graders for an Assessment.  This article will cover manager, buddy, and additional grader options. 

Allow Manager Grading: To utilize this option, you will need to ensure that all Managers have been set up within Continu.  

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 4.11.49 PM.png

Notify Managers of Grading: Selecting this option ensures that Managers will be notified (via Email or Slack) if there is an Assessment ready for grading.

notify manager.png

Allow Buddy Grading: To utilize this option, you will need to ensure that a learner(s) buddy has been set up within Continu. 

Same with Manager above, select Notify Buddy of Grading so they will be sent a notification that an assessment is ready for grading.

allow buddy.png

Assign Graders: As well as the option to allow for Managers or Buddies to grade, you can also sssign other users to grade assessments.

Step One: Click + Add Graders.


Step Two: Search for the Grader that needs to be assigned to this Assessment. (You can search by Name, Department, Location, Team, etc). Once the user(s) is found, click the + icon to the right to add them. Add as many graders as needed.


To remove a grader, click the X next to their name(s).




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