Joining or leaving a Workshop as a user

Learners can be registered for a workshop by a manager or admin. This article will focus on learners joining a workshop from their own user profile. 

Step One: Once you have found the workshop to join, click the Join Workshop button.


This will register the learner for the date and time shown. If there are additional options available, use the drop down to select a different date and time.


Step Two: After joining, the link to the online meeting will now show. In this example, Zoom is being used. To learn more about Continu's integration with Zoom, click here. If using a different online meeting app or the workshop is in person, the information will show in its place.  Join_Workshop_3.png

If using Continu's Google Calendar integration the learner will automatically receive a calendar invite to the workshop. Alternatively, an .ics file may be downloaded by clicking Add to Calendar.


To Leave a Workshop:

Option One: Click the Leave Workshop button to unregister.


Option Two: If using the Google calendar integration, the learner can unregister directly from the calendar event.

A few things to consider:

  • Until you attend the workshop, you can return to the sign up page to leave the workshop, or choose a different date and time to re-register
    • You can only sign up for a single date and time for each workshop, and registering for a different date or time will automatically cancel your previous registration
  • If you have missed a workshop but were marked as attending, you will not be able to register for a new slot until your admin updates your account to reflect that you did not attend


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