Admins and managers can assign content and assessments out to their learners manually at any time using the assignment tab under the Admin or Create Menus. 

If you would like to automate assignments to users, use the Workflow instructions instead.
If you were intending to Share content and not Assign it, see Share Content With Learners

1. Click the Share button on the left hand navigation, then Assignments


2. Press the +Create Assignment button to open the assignment creation page


3. Search for and select all the content you'd like to be on this assignment by checking off the boxes next to the content name. You can select any published content within Continu. Press next once you've checked off the boxes you'd like to be a part of this assignment


Note: Once a box is checked it will remain on the assignment even when you search for additional content. You can see a running list of content in the box above the search bar.

4. Select the users you want to receive the Assignment. You can either search and add users manually, or use the bulk assignments importer to add a comma-separated list of users to receive the assignment.

Search and Add Users

Search and add users you'd like to assign content. You can add individuals, or add departments, teams, levels, grades, groups, or locations. 


To add all users from a single search, click the Checkbox in the Header Row

If you add multiple teams in your search criteria, and only want to see users that match every single team entered, press the Match All Teams checkbox.

Press next when you've selected all users you would like to add.

Groups is an add-on feature. If you'd like access to Groups, please reach out to our Sales Team

Bulk Assignments File Importer

The Import File button will allow you to upload a file of comma-separated emails for an assignment. This file can be a .csv, .txt, or .json. All emails must match a user within your instance of Continu, and the emails must come from a .csv spreadsheet column, or have a comma separating every email. 

Once you have an appropriate file, you can press the +Import File button on the right side of the search bar. 

Select the file you want to import from your Computer and press open. 

The emails in your file will now populate as your Audience.




5. From the Due Date menu, you can create a due date for the assignment. 

set due date.png

Enabling The Require Unique Completions toggle will require any user who has completed this content before to complete it again to receive credit for the assignment. If this toggle is not enabled, users who have previously completed the content will be marked complete automatically as soon as the assignment is created. 

require recomplete.png

You will also be able to create escalation contacts to the learner's manager, buddy, or any custom escalation users. You will be able to generate custom notifications for escalation contacts in Step 7.

6. You can create custom notifications for your learners or escalation contacts here. For more information on setting up custom notifications see the Adding Custom Notifications to Assignments and Workflows.

Once you've set up your notifications, click Next. 

7. Your assignment is ready to go out. The preview tab will let you double-check all the content on the assignment, as well as the list of assignees who will receive it. If everything looks correct, press Confirm Assignment and the assignment will be sent to all the selected users




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