This article will go through the different options available and how to assign them to your Group and company-based manager(s).

Step One: Navigate to Admin > Users and select the group manager you would like to adjust access for.

Step Two: Navigate to the bottom of the page and expand Show Extras


Step Three: Adjust (if necessary) the Groups Manager Configuration options for the user



Available Options:

Disable Manager Content Assignment: Selecting this option will take away the option for the Group Manager to assign content to the users in the group.

Disable Manager Assignment Edit: Selecting this option takes away the ability for the Group Manager to edit previously created assignments.

Disable Manager Assignment Manual Completion: Removes the option for the Group Manager to manually mark an assignment complete for a user(s).

Disable Manager Assignment Removal: Removes the option for the Group Manager to remove an assignment from a user.

Allow Manager to Create Users in Manager Dashboard: Selecting this, WILL give the manager the ability to create new users from their dashboard. A function typically only for Continu admins.

Allow Direct Report Suspension Management: Provides options for Managers to Suspend or Reinstate Direct Reports. For more details, please see Suspending and Reinstating Direct Reports

Manager Edit: Selecting will allow managers to edit existing users. 


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