Please note: supported documents included .PDF, .XLS, and .PPT

Step One:
Navigate to the Create>Content section using the side panel navigation.  

create content.png

Step Two: Click on the Add Content icon and choose the File option

add file.gif

Step three: Click on the upload a file button or select the embed external content to embed a webpage or iframe. Select the file or paste the embed URL.

If you have Iorad for Continu, you can also add an Iorad tutorial as a file. 

add file type.png

Step Four: Add a title, author, and description. You may also add tags if you like. Press next to continue. 

Step Five: You can add a Cover Image to the File using the Banner and Cover Images: Photo Editor and Best Practices instructions.

Step Six: You can add this content to any categories you'd like on the categories page. 

Step Seven:  Edit your settings. See Editing your Settings for more information on the Settings Menu, then click next to preview the file. 

Step Eight: You can view a preview of your file before publishing. Press publish to complete creation of your file type content. 

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