How To Manually Add Users To Workshops

These instructions will help you to manually add a user to a workshop. Users added to workshops will receive a notification from Continu, and will receive a Google Invite for the session if invites are enabled for the workshop. 

Step One: Navigate to Create>Workshops from the navigation panel. 


Step Two: Search or browse for the workshop you want to add a user to. Then select the info button to open the Workshop Host view. 

info button.png

Step Three: Find the date you would like to add a user to, and press the info button again for the specific date.

Step Four: Press the +Add Users button at the top right of the date page. 

add users.png

Step Five: Search for the user or users you would like to add, and press the toggle next to the user's name. When you have selected all the users you wish to add, press the Preview Users button.


Step Six: Review the users on your list, and press confirm to add the users to the Workshop session. 

Please Note: The user will receive a notification that they have registered for the Workshop, as well as Calendar invites if the Google Calendar option is toggled on for the date in question.
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